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Training center of Santiago de Compostela (Coruña)


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The headquarters of the Territorial Council of Galicia moved on 07/10/2017 to the new facilities: an old tanneries, completely renovated. Its location, in the Concello de Santiago, allows to provide the city with a modern center specialized in the area of Rehabilitation.

The center is located in the old tannery of Pontepedriña de Arriba (O Avío), on the banks of the Sarela. It is an old tanning factory dating from the eighteenth century and has an adjacent land, which adds, next to the building, a total of 23,000 square meters. The rehabilitation works have conserved the building typology of the area, adapting the tanning factory to the new uses it has as a training center. This center is the first in Spain specifically dedicated to specialized training and the labor recycling of workers and construction companies in the area of rehabilitation. Each year, more than 2,000 professionals are trained, including 300 professionals in different specialties such as wood, stone, forge or metal.

In these facilities is the Headquarters of the Territorial Council of Galicia, including: the training center of the Santiago area and the departments of Training, Safety and Health, Communication and Administration of Galicia. This is where the training provided throughout Galicia and the services related to the area of Health and Safety or Employment are planned and coordinated. The services in detail of the center are:

  • Training center
  • Processing Point of the TPC
  • Prevention Counseling Center Labor
  • Orientation Center
  • Placement agency

The site, which has, in addition to the aforementioned architectural value, a great ethnographic value, for its unique enclave and charm of its surroundings. It is a pioneering center for its specialization in rehabilitation training, both for historical heritage and for current residential construction, where construction workers can be qualified in the most avant-garde techniques and building materials.

On a plot of 23,000 m2, the Center has a constructed area of ??4,700 m2, of which 2,900 m2 come from the rehabilitation of existing buildings, and 1,800 m2, to new buildings.

The facilities are composed of three main areas: Building A, which corresponds to the Administrative Zone; Building B, Classrooms and Workshops (5 classrooms and 4 workshops); and Building C, of Technical Classrooms (3 classrooms workshop, a workshop, a conference room and a multi-purpose room). These facilities are called to be a strategic resource in the fight against unemployment, and especially in the fight against youth unemployment in Galicia. The Center's objective is not only to train specialized workers, but also to encourage some of them to take on the challenge of becoming specialized small entrepreneurs, capable of multiplying the work offer in the service of recovering the extraordinary historical heritage of Santiago de Compostela and Galicia. By the center it is expected that more than 2,000 professionals pass each year to train, an important part of them, in different specialties such as wood, stonework, forging or metal.